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  1. warranty expiring soon

    Focus RS Discussions
    My 3 year warranty will be expiring soon I will be bringing my car to ford for a service and last check up before it expires and would like some advice from the community to check for any issues that members have had I have had the following head gasket replaced no problem 2 door seals...
  2. Motor blew up due to coolant and it was somehow my fault

    Focus RS Discussions
    2017 Ford Focus RS SG So I bought the car second hand from someone near my area. Car was awesome and did perfectly.. except that it was using coolant very quickly. I take it to quick lanes and tell them it was using, they did nothing about it (not their problem honestly, dont blame them at...
  3. exhaust questions

    North Eastern RS Owners
    I want to install a borla exhaust on my RS, will this void my warranty? Has anyone done this
  4. Focus rs mountune intake affecting afr

    Focus RS Discussions
    Hey Guys! Stoked that there is a forum to reach out for advice and opinions. I have had my Rs for about 6 months now and am looking to add a few upgrades. I ordered a Full Intake, Rear motor mount and a quickshift from Mountune. I am looking to keep my Warranty safe and also the car. I wanted...
  5. Global Windows Void Warranty?

    Focus RS Discussions
    Hey guys, '17 RS owner here. I recently downloaded forscan and wrote the global windows mod to the body control module. Anyone have insight as to whether this could lead to potential power train warranty denial if my head gasket let go? I called my local dealer and they said that they can see...
  6. Paint flaws - warranty partial repaint - what is best course of action?

    Focus RS TroubleShooting
    Did a search in this group as well as the Facebook RS group and noted a # of RS owners with paint issues. My car, '17 RS SB has major drip marks under the clear coat on the roof, hood and doors. Sorry for the long post, but like many warranty issues, the devil is in the details. Background...
  7. Mechanical Breakdown Insurance vs Extended Warranty

    Focus RS Maintenance
    So some insurers, like GEICO for example, offer "Mechanical Breakdown Insurance," which alleges to work like an extended warranty for up to 7 years or 100k miles. Here's some of their own claims about it: What's your take on...
  8. Warranty?

    Focus RS Discussions
    Has anyone looked into the warranty for this car? Basic miles and years? What about drift mode etc. will this play a part into the warranty since you will be beating on the car a bit more? How do you feel about the modes with the warranty?