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  1. Focus RS Appearance
    I had racing stripes on my car for the past 2 years, and finally decided it was time for something new. it was very easy to remove, however it left big adhesive spots on my roof. which was easy enough to remove, however it also left black stripes outlining the stripes on the hatch, and i tried...
  2. Focus RS Photos and Videos
    First time dry installing some vinyls. Turned out pretty great. Shout out to DMB Graphics, man. They look like part of the paint even up close.
  3. Focus RS Discussions
    Hey all! I sure there is a roof wrap thread somewhere, but because of how great the match was I figured I would toss it up for everyone. The color used was Satin Pro Nero by Avery, and to me, it looks spot on, has the gold flake and everything to match the spoiler. The work was done by Endless...
  4. Focus RS Appearance
    I didn't want to pay for the gel overlays so one of our forum members @North3rn helped me out with the file. I had matte black but wanted to try carbon fiber look. I'm still undecided on how it looks. It was relatively inexpensive and reversible. Here's some very garbage pictures.
1-4 of 4 Results