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  1. DTC Trouble codes

    Focus RS TroubleShooting
    Hey all, wondering if anyone has any info for two codes C422_64 and 1933_64, both showed up today, and I can't find anything online, and neither of these codes are in the proper format from what I've seen. Any help will be appreciated. I'm going to try and take the car in ASAP but if anyone...
  2. 2017 Rs engine fault service now ***URGENT***

    Focus RS TroubleShooting
    Hello I drive a 2017 rs. I have simple bolt on mods on it currently (no tune). I took it to shop to get a downpipe put on. We unplugged the battery and it was unplugged for awhile. We went to go start the car after putting it back together and it started flashing all of these codes on the...
  3. Totalled 17 RS, worth salvage value of 7 grand to part out?

    Focus RS Discussions
    I recently was hit on my passenger side in my brand new RS. Damage is mainly to passenger doors, rear bumper, side curtain and side seat airbags, and passenger rear wheel, tire, and some mechanical parts behind it. My insurance company deemed a total loss because it is very expensive to fix...