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  1. SOLD: Fifteen52 Turbomacs 18x9 DAMAGED, CHEAP, NEED GONE!!!!

    Parts for Sale
    Hi all. Here I have for sale a set Fifteen52 Turbomacs in 18x9 (discontinued). These have been used as a track set of wheels and the reason why I am selling them is that at the end of the season last year I took a curb a that was raised higher than expected and when the car came down I managed...
  2. How to quiet down AWE Track

    Focus RS Performance
    So I recently installed the AWE track exhaust and love everything about it (stock downpipe), except two specific scenarios. 1. WOT pulls and decel, the backfire and pop which is normally quite nice with the stock exhaust is simply too loud (for me). It is gun shot sounding. 2. Letting off the...
  3. PrivateSpeedUS Streets of Willow Track Day

    Focus RS Events
    Hey guys! I am hosting a Track event at Streets of Willow on February 16th, 2019, 8AM - 5PM! My goal is to get as many focus & fiesta guys to come by and track together! We are capping the event, so it will have small group sizes. Price: $200 per vehicle & passengers will be allowed...
  4. Streets of Willow Track Day

    West / West Coast Owners
    What's up y'all! My buddies and I are renting out Streets of Willow + skidpad from 8AM-5PM on August 17th. It will be 150$ per driver, the track doesn't allow passengers but they can come and hang out while you drive. it will be 30 drivers and all cars are welcome! we only have 10 spots left...
  5. Difference Between Tire Size Identification/Markings? - Pirelli vs Hoosier

    Focus RS Wheels and Tires
    Alright, so, sorry for the rookie question here. I'm thinking of getting a set of track tires for track days (and only track days of course - I know these can't and shouldn't be run on the street). I've never bought a set of track tires and have run into a discrepancy, as I understand tire...
  6. Does the RS teach bad habits?

    Focus RS Racing
    I've been lurking here for a while, trying to decide between a FoRS and a Golf R. I plan to do my first track days and autocross events in this car. The Focus is faster and more fun on a track, but I'm worried about reports that the car's handling can feel artificial and that the car's...
  7. Best track tires

    Focus RS Wheels and Tires
    Any suggestion? With a lack of camber adjustment not every tire works. I've just got a set of Dmack dmt rc - it's a WRC tarmac tire. I was hoping that it will be great on the track, but it isn't. It's actually worst than original michelin super sport.
  8. My Beginner Slot @ Laguna Seca Monday 11/7 - I can't make it, can you? A Bargain!

    West / West Coast Owners
    I paid $220 for a Beginner's slot with the Golden Gate Lotus Club at Laguna Seca next Monday (11/7, details here: Laguna Seca Open Track Day November 7, 2016 info on Nov 7, 2016 (830197) | But I must attend a one-week audit class all next week, and the class company will not...
  9. PLEASE HELP can someone track status of VIN WF0DP3TH8G4114974 - Visa Ford is IMPOTENT

    West / West Coast Owners
    HELP !! Not only am I paying over sticker, I've got nothing but waffle from them for months; they said i would be the first 10 to receive in CA... Their COTUS and ETIS info is worthless. First they tell me it shipped, then not, then they told me its at the port, now not... Can SOMEONE out there...
  10. 1/4 mile thread

    Focus RS Performance
    *Future Sticky* Who is going to be the first to take their car to the strip??? I am really expecting (hoping) to see 12.7s out of this car especially with the better tires. TOP 10 BONE Stock (No modifications, either set of original tires) 1. 13,150 @ 105,66 ~BuZy 2. 13.21 @ 103.7 ~mcmathew...
  11. VIN Tracker For North America

    Focus RS Discussions
    Hello members, Sorry this is for NA only. Maybe I can get a dataset for other regions to add in the future? I've been working on a way to view @Shoey's VIN spreadsheet, which he is scrubbing from ETIS (in a basement somewhere in Mexico) :wink-new:. So I created a dashboard, basically...