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  1. Focus RS Events
    NCR-SCCA is hosting another Time Trial/Track Day, "TT Gon' Give It To Ya", at NCCAR this year in about a month. While I do not plan on running my RS, no tires and no budget for them right now, I will be there with my car running timing for the event and would love to see some others at the event.
  2. Focus RS Events
    Hey guys! I am hosting a Track event at Streets of Willow on February 16th, 2019, 8AM - 5PM! My goal is to get as many focus & fiesta guys to come by and track together! We are capping the event, so it will have small group sizes. Price: $200 per vehicle & passengers will be allowed...
  3. West / West Coast Owners
    What's up y'all! My buddies and I are renting out Streets of Willow + skidpad from 8AM-5PM on August 17th. It will be 150$ per driver, the track doesn't allow passengers but they can come and hang out while you drive. it will be 30 drivers and all cars are welcome! we only have 10 spots left...
  4. Focus RS Canada
    Any interest for taking part and letting the RS out on the circuit to roam wild? :) About About Ontario Time Attack - Ontario Time Attack Why Why Ontario Time-Attack - Ontario Time Attack
  5. West / West Coast Owners
    I paid $220 for a Beginner's slot with the Golden Gate Lotus Club at Laguna Seca next Monday (11/7, details here: Laguna Seca Open Track Day November 7, 2016 info on Nov 7, 2016 (830197) | But I must attend a one-week audit class all next week, and the class company will not...
  6. Midwest RS Owners
    Title about says it all. I just signed up - $275 Buddy of mine did some driving there recently and really liked it. Hope for a strong RS presence! M1 ConcourseUpcoming Events - ? Public Open Track Day
1-6 of 6 Results