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  1. FS - Michelin Pilot Super Sport OEM Pair - Ready to drift for Cheap!?

    Parts for Sale
    Up for sale are these pair of used Michelin Pilot Super Sport OEM (size 235/35Z R19)with approx 14,000 miles on them. Reason for selling is thanks to Alexandria, VA stellar road system, they developed a bubble in each tire because taxes pay salaries, not road repairs. Am I disgruntled, yup...
  2. (SOLD) 18x8 Sparco Assettto with 255 RE71R's

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  3. WTB Winter Wheel setup

    Parts Wanted
    Hello, That time of year... Looking for a winter wheel setup. Doesnt need to be the OEM package.
  4. New Owner in NJ

    Hello, I just purchased my 2017 RS. I have a question regarding tires... will 225/35/R19 tires be ok on the stock wheels. Thanks; Leo
  5. (SOLD) Winter Wheel Package - Enkei YS5 18x8 + Blizzak WS80

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    Hey everyone, I'm looking to sell my winter wheel and tire set-up. I recently made the hard choice to sell the RS, because I moved and need something more suited for my 80 mile commute. Below is a summary of the package. Everything only has two seasons (total 10 months) on them. Everything is...
  6. Tire and Rim combos for city driving

    Focus RS Wheels and Tires
    Hi All: My spouse and I currently own an R series Volvo. We live and work in a major US city. We were planning on trading out the Volvo for an RS reasonably soon. The RS is my dream car, but my dreams have hit a snag. We've cracked FIVE rims and replaced the same number of tires on the Volvo...
  7. Drift Mode = 'Blowout' Mode?

    Focus RS TroubleShooting
    *86 degrees F, been driving up the canyons for about 30 minutes in my stock Cup 2s.* After about 3,500 miles, I decided it was finally time to try Drift Mode. :eagerness: Put it in 1st gear, steer all the way to the left, floor it, and spin 180 degrees. The equivalent of dipping my toe in the...
  8. Cheapest set of winter wheels and tires that would fit?

    Focus RS Wheels and Tires
    Hey guys, I just recently bought my 2017 RS, (as in 2 days ago), and I've seen that the pilot super sports are not very safe tires in the cold and snow. I live in New England and cold and snow is all we get here in February. I want to get a set of wheels and tires to just use in the winter but...
  9. Wow, thought this car was too stiff...silly dealer

    Focus RS Suspension
    OK,I get it. Ford made the car stiff...and the springs stiff... and the damping stiff. My dealer made it stiffer... I just checked the air pressure. Delivered with 51 PSi in each tire! Adjusted down to 41 f 38 rear on the 19" SC2's and life is good again. No stiffer that my modded MCS in...
  10. 19'' Snow/winter tire recommendations?

    Focus RS Wheels and Tires
    So I live in KY where we can have some snowy winters. They can be at the very least below 45 degrees so I want to get a set of winter tires on my new RS. I have 19'' wheels on mine though so I was wondering if you have any recommendations. The threads I've seen on this subject tend to be for...
  11. Will It Fit: 235/50/R18?

    Focus RS Wheels and Tires
    Whats up guys, I just came across a good local deal for a set of blizzak LM60's but I want to make sure they'll fit before I pop the trigger. Do you guys think ill have any clearance issues with 235/50/R18 tires on a set of ST snowflake rims? I know that my speedo will give me some...
  12. What are my tire options?

    Focus RS Wheels and Tires
    Gents, I have Cup2's coming equipped, but would like to remove those right when it comes off the truck, save them for special uses. I'd love some recommendations for a daily use tires. What we're looking at is 75+ miles/day, mostly highway. Also, being MidWest, plenty of my year is spent below...
  13. Correct Tire Pressures

    Focus RS Discussions
    I just took delivery of my Frozen White Focus RS (RS2, forged wheels, Super Sport tires, no sunroof, winter wheel/tire package). I was surprised to see the owners manual supplement does not list tire pressures and only says to see the door jam sticker. I was even more surprised to see the...
  14. RS Winter Tire and Wheel Package - US Spec

    Focus RS Wheels and Tires
    Ford just updated the build configurator to include an RS Winter Tire and Wheel Package for $1995 on the US site. The wheels are the same as the stock wheels, except they are "sparkle silver" versus the darker color featured on the stock wheels. If you want to get an idea of how the RS looks...