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  1. Spec-D vs. Spyder Taillights?

    Focus RS Lighting
    I’ve been looking to replace my RS’ taillights with aftermarket ones. So far, the two I’m considering are the Spec-Ds or the Spyders. From what I’ve seen, the Spec-Ds have received mostly good feedback, but I’ve heard a fair amount of issues/complaints about them (mainly LEDs giving out)...
  2. (SOLD) Tail Lights for Sale

    Sold Sold Sold
    SOLD 09/01/20 Hey there guys, I'm selling the tail lights off my 2018 Focus RS2. Car has 11,500km on it and they are like new. They are off of a Canadian car, I don't know if the American Cars got them but they are incandescent bulbs with LED running lights along the bottoms. Located in...
  3. WTB: Left OEM Tail light!

    Parts Wanted
    Looking for an original taillight to replace my damaged one. Anyone have theirs kicking around after putting on the nice LED's??? PM me. Thanks.