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  1. Infotainment Screen Itermitantly Blank (3rd attempt to fix at dealership)

    Focus RS TroubleShooting
    I'm having an issue with my MY 17 (purchased in November, no satnav) where my main infotaiment screen does not always come on when I enter or turn on the car. The radio still works, I just have no way to control it. No amount of (physical) button pressing or even shifting into reverse will make...
  2. Hacking the SYNC 3 System/Screen/Radio

    Focus RS Electronics
    Hey Mates! So has anyone been able to successfully hack/modify the SYNC 3 system? I am curious to see what is out there, and what is possible? My initial interests would be to have the following from most desired/highest priority to least: Get rid of the annoying “features have been disabled...
  3. Official Ford In-Vehicle Technology Team Rep

    Hey everyone! I'm excited to say that Shaay, Whitney, and I have joined this forum to provide support for SYNC, SYNC 3, MyFord Touch, and navigation. Whitney will be your primary IVT rep, but Shaay and I will jump in from time to time. We'll be lurking and learning the forum over the next few...
  4. SYNC System

    Focus RS Discussions
    Hi everyone, After reading a few articles and having a conversation with the inventory manager at my local dealership - I know that SYNC 3 is out and on the Ford Escape. I was hoping to know if we will get the SYNC 3 on the RS2 pack.. which, by my opinion, should come with it. I would not see...