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  1. Official Sync 3 Map Update Site

    Focus RS Electronics
    I've been wanting to update my NA 1.15 maps for many months, and finally found this. Rather than bury it in the lengthy Sync 3 3.0 update thread, I thought it merited it's own. This site enables official maps update: I was directed to it from this site...
  2. SYNC Keeps Master Resetting.

    Focus RS Electronics
    For the last few times I've started my RS in the past week or so, SYNC acts as if I just performed the master reset. It's like the SYNC was just started for the first time. No phones are paired, no radio stations are preset, and the USB drive plays songs in alphabetical order. I have to agree to...
  3. SYNC 3 screen toggles at dusk

    Focus RS Electronics
    Hi All, I had my car for about a week now. I do a few cruises in the evening some days and I noticed that the SYNC 3 screen will alternate from the day mode (white background) and the black background (night mode) when driving during the dusk time. I changes like every 20 secs and is kind of...