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  1. Focus RS Wheel Spacers

    Focus RS Wheels and Tires
    So I'm planning on getting the Eibach lowering springs for my car within the next month or so, and I wanted to get some wheel spacers to go along with it. I might get the spacers prior to getting my suspension though just because of ease of installation. For those that dont know, the Eibach...
  2. 2016 and 2017 ride vs 2018?

    Focus RS Suspension
    Looking to purchase a rs soon. One of the discussions on here says that the 2018 rs had received some updates to the suspension. Has anyone been able to drive the different model years back to back? If so is there a noticeable difference the the ride quality between any of the years. If there is...
  3. Tractive suspension kit

    Parts for Sale
    FS: Tractive suspension kit - NO controller I'm seriously considering going electric, and this suspension kit is the first domino that would have to fall for that to happen. New cost is about $4150usd. I am asking, shipped continental US to your door: $3000usd. They have very few KM's on...
  4. Eibach rear sway bar and rear end links

    Focus RS Suspension
    Hello all Been reading up on some of the threads about which end links should be used according to what sway bar and what height/suspension is on the car. The reason I need to change mine is because apparently my stock end-links with an Eibach sway bar (set to hardest setting) is causing a...
  5. Suspension upgrade compatible with variable dampening?

    Focus RS Discussions
    So, I love the variable dampening ability. However, the stock setup is brutal to cruise in. My ideal setup is to have the sport suspension tightness the same, but a much more loose standard, non-sport suspension. Does anyone know if that exists? I've worked a lot on engines for several years...
  6. Question about how Coilovers and Bagging systems effect Dampers in Track Mode

    Focus RS Suspension
    I have never used coilovers or bags before, only lowering springs (it was stupid idea and now my BRZ feels like it is breaking my back even when I drive over the smallest of pebbles). My question is concerning how installing coilovers or bags will effect how the car changes the dampers in...