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  1. Focus RS Electronics
    I don't want to put a bunch of $$ into this, but I'd love your ideas on how best to spend 1 grand on sound system upgrades, including your ideas on the best place(s) to pick up your recommended pieces. I'll do the work myself so don't worry about labor costs. Cheers, Jim
  2. Focus RS Electronics
    Seen a lot of 10.1 screens and "Tesla style" giant screens. Everyone I've found only have the 2 plugs that the older st models have. Is there a direct fitment or an adapter piece that fits the stock 32 pin harness along with it? Anyone with stero interior knowledge welcome. 2017 RS RS 2 with nav...
  3. Focus RS Electronics
    So I was exploring my focus rs today. I opened the trunk and underneath the carpet was a plethora of things. One of which was this metal box. Now I have he rs2 which has the Sony speakers I believe so there is some sort of Sony amp in the back. Next to it was said metal box unplugged. Anyone...
1-3 of 4 Results