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  1. Introductions
    Hey everyone! I call my car Yakul (Princess Mononoke reference, iykyk). I picked up Yakul at around 17,000 miles back in November 2019. As my daily driver, it's nearing 50k miles. It has treated me well so far and no major complaints. It's taken me north to Quadra Island, south to the SF Bay...
  2. Focus RS Accessories
    Hey everybody, i just got my 2016 RS last week and I have to say, I freaking love it. Does anyone here have any experience with the Steeda heel toe pedal set? If so, do you feel that it would be helped by a pedal spacer or is it fine by itself? Anyways, glad to be here and any insight would...
  3. Parts for Sale
    Here are a few parts I have for sale for the Focus RS SS Tuning flairs, sanded and painted shadow black. I had these on my car for about a month. Due to some issues with the body panels on my RS from prior repairs that had been done I chose to remove the flairs and fix my body panels at some...
1-3 of 3 Results