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  1. The Open Water

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    This is my first post here, so hello everyone! How long does it take after the RS is built, to ultimately make it to the dealer? I know that it must vary based on the location of your dealer, but i am just looking for a rough estimate. My RS was built on 07/21/2016 and left the factory on...
  2. Shipping Help: Winter Tire / Wheel Package

    Focus RS Accessories
    Hello there fellow RS brothers and sisters - I have never had to ship anything as heavy as rims and tires before - what would be the cheapest and most trusted (i.e. tracked) method to get them from Texas to Michigan? USPS, UPS, FEDEX - or other methods? Your feedback and help is greatly...
  3. How do I know if I am on a boat?

    Focus RS Purchasing
    On May 26th I inquired on facebook about the status of my car. They said I was 'In Transit'. I have tried Facebook, this forum, and calling ford service. All they seem to tell me is that I'm in Transit with no ETA. Is there someone who could tell me if I am on a boat? Is there no update on...
  4. Preparing for delivery - Important checklist

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    Edit UPDATE: I plan on having a verbal conversation with my salesman, not sending a letter. I'm trying to put more trust in the dealership and just hope they don't abuse the car or joy ride it when I'm not there. My #1 concern is no drilling licence plate holes in the bumper. Okay, so I...