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  1. Broken Shift Knob

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    Is this common? The funny thing is that my mocked shifter gift from Ford arrived in the same condition last year. :(
  2. (SOLD) Raceseng Ashiko Engraved Textured Shift Knob (heavy, 656 grams) + adapter

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    SOLD Mods please close thread Installed this Raceseng Ashiko Textured + engraved shift knob 2 months ago.. it feels great, it's very heavy and smooths out the shifts incredibly.. selling because I have ADD and want to try a new shift knob now.. lol.. it's in very good condition, just some paint...
  3. (SOLD) Raceseng Creature Shift Knob

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    Item for sale/trade: Raceseng Creature Knob Condition: Excellent Price: $110 (+shipping) Location: Baltimore, MD area Selling my Raceseng Creature Knob mostly because I want to go in a different direction with it. Awesome quality and awesome weight (500 grams) for delrin. Willing to meet up...