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  1. Selling Michelin super sport tires

    Parts for Sale
    Looking to sell tires here. Tires have about 10,000 miles on them and no longer have the car. Will ship to wherever within reason or available for pickup.
  2. looking for rs2 wheels

    Focus RS Wheels and Tires
    hmu if you know anyone that is selling a full set of rs2 wheels for a good price in northern california thank you ?
  3. FS: OEM 17' RS Headlights (NEW) (ADM)

    Parts for Sale
    A. 17' Focus RS Headlights B. 17km's / 10miles on the clock when they were replaced with aftermarket headlights. C. $1500 AUD for both - Negotiable (Shipping & Import tax is a b*tch) D. Sydney, Australia. E. Hey guys, new to the forum's but have been getting busy on my Instagram and on...
  4. Southwest Michigan Dealer Selling SG @ MSRP

    Midwest RS Owners
    Hi Everyone - the dealership I purchased my RS from has their 2017 in stock and is selling at MSRP. Here is a partial sticker and some pics. PM me for details.