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  1. Parts for Sale
    AP3-FOR-004 Accessport used on my 2018 and 2017 cars. Used only a few times to switch maps, very clean. Comes with box, grey faceplate, mounts, etc. Asking $700 CAD Can ship anywhere.
    $700 CAD
  2. Focus RS Discussions
    I did the best I could at searching already here, so if this is already out there let me know.. I'm definitely on the tall side for these cars, that being said I have found two different seating positions that I do like. The only problem I have is the steering wheel location. Even with the...
  3. Focus RS Purchasing
    RS fans, I need some help!! I'm likely placing the order for my stealth gray AWD rocket. The challenge is the RS2 package. I don't feel that I need the Nav or the heated components of the RS2 package. But what about the seats?? Does anyone know, or have pics of, the REAL difference between the...
  4. Focus RS Discussions
    Calling all parents. Being that the regular Focus hatchback has the same cabin as the RS, and that I have never owned one, can anyone share their experiences with how much space there is left for the front passengers with car seats in the back? I currently have an Audi A3 2.0T Quattro...
  5. Focus RS Discussions
    The picture below has raised my hopes that the US market may be getting a rotating wheel to adjust the recline. Yes, have no fear we in the USA will be able to operate this contraption, will not injure ourselves nor sue anyone over it. Maybe Nick (@FordService) can confirm which regions will...
  6. Focus RS Discussions
    How do you guys like the Recaros for the US (maybe non optional Euro seats). They aren't bad but I hate the very top. It looks like some preppy d-bag with a sweater tied over his shoulders. I didnt take much notice of this on the ST3 seats, maybe because they are full leather and not 2...
1-6 of 6 Results