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  1. Focus RS Discussions
    I am going to be moving to Boise Idaho from California. There are a few concerns that I have with moving. My buddy was mentioning to me that he used to live in Idaho and that my car will be to low to use as a daily. I am not looking to sell it so it would be rather unfortunate if I had to...
  2. Focus RS Detailing
    Here's my attempt to give something back to a great forum. It will likely appeal to a very limited audience, but if the phrase "salt life" conjures thoughts of plow trucks and brine tanks before sandy ocean beaches this may be of interest to you. I live in the rust belt and I'm always looking...
  3. Focus RS Maintenance
    Does anyone have any tips on keeping their car from rusting (underneath as well as body parts) other than frequently washing your car in winter months in the north? I just drive an old truck in the winter, and park my 86 camaro in the garage. I have never had a new vehicle for winter. I would...
1-3 of 3 Results