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  1. Focus RS Events
    Hi Everyone, I bet a few of us going to the RSAA are here on the forums. I'll start by saying Hello! Chime in if your going. Can't wait to do RSAA. Hope ya'll didn't get killed on the plane prices like I did.... -Ed
  2. Focus RS Events
    Who's going to the April 21-22 Adrenaline Academy? Is anyone driving? I plan on doing a road trip, and looking to see if anyone wants to rally there together. :driving: Leaving form North Carolina to Chicago(picking up my dad), and then to Utah.
  3. Focus RS Photos and Videos
    Hey all! I was lucky enough to get to go to the RS Adrenaline Academy on September 9/10. I videoed all opportunities we had to drive cars (minus the couple of additional minutes when they asked us to help moving cars from one place to another). I've posted all the videos online, and I'd be...
  4. Focus RS Events
    Looking forward to the academy in just a couple of months! Who else is going? I'm staying at an Airbnb near the track. If anyone is renting a car and would be willing to offer a ride I could reimburse some of your rental car instead of paying Uber, let me know.
1-4 of 4 Results