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  1. FOR SALE: 2017 Stealth Grey RS2 27K miles

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    The car is garage kept. It is in very nice shape other than some moderate front bumper chips and the rear windshield wiper cover is cracked. Interior is very clean, I clean it regularly. Non-smoker. RS 2 Package with moon roof and forged wheels. HG done. All paper work in order including...
  2. looking for rs2 wheels

    Focus RS Wheels and Tires
    hmu if you know anyone that is selling a full set of rs2 wheels for a good price in northern california thank you ?
  3. 2017 Frozen White RS2 in Northeast Arkansas, USA

    Hello everyone, new forum member and new RS owner. My Beauty is a Beast in a plain white wrapper! Two months into this thing and I couldn't be happier with my car. Heading out to FPRS at the end of September for good times, useful information and to network with other owners. I'll send more...
  4. Difference Between RS1 and RS2

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    So as the title says.. what is the difference? can anyone post what each one looks like? I'm don't really want and need the RS2 pack but I want to see how they both look. can anyone help a brotha out?
  5. Recaro Seats Question

    Focus RS Purchasing
    RS fans, I need some help!! I'm likely placing the order for my stealth gray AWD rocket. The challenge is the RS2 package. I don't feel that I need the Nav or the heated components of the RS2 package. But what about the seats?? Does anyone know, or have pics of, the REAL difference between the...
  6. ADM Dealers. a.k.a. "The Naughty and other Offers List"

    Focus RS Purchasing
    I've been doing a lot of calling and stopping by dealerships in my quest for an RS at or below MSRP. Many of the dealers I've run across that claim to have allocations are trying to get some pretty high mark-up on these things. A couple have even joked that they're going to let them sit in the...
  7. SYNC System

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    Hi everyone, After reading a few articles and having a conversation with the inventory manager at my local dealership - I know that SYNC 3 is out and on the Ford Escape. I was hoping to know if we will get the SYNC 3 on the RS2 pack.. which, by my opinion, should come with it. I would not see...