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  1. Focus RS Purchasing
    I wanted to post a review for all those guys who won’t really mod the car too much, or will be using it as a daily driver and may have concerns. I thought about all the early reviews I read in 2016 from various automotive media outlets who all raved about the car and their test drives on a...
  2. Focus RS Discussions
    I hope some of this information is useful for those out there. But first, my background for reference: I have autocrossed for over a decades (low horsepower jetta, over powered bad handling WS6 firebird, mini cooper turbo, and c5 Z06 Corvette) For the past 6 years I have participating in...
  3. Focus RS Discussions
    Focus ST: 75k Mile Owner Review I've owned a ST for the past 3 years and 75k miles. It's been a fantastic car, and because it's been so great I ordered a RS.
1-5 of 6 Results