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  1. Head Gasket Quality Control Project

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    Going to do a school project regarding Quality Control & the RS HG recall. Does anyone happen to have any numerical data regarding the subject they think would be useful? Ex: # of cars affected, number of recalls fulfilled, etc. Thanks in advance!
  2. Motor blew up due to coolant and it was somehow my fault

    Focus RS Discussions
    2017 Ford Focus RS SG So I bought the car second hand from someone near my area. Car was awesome and did perfectly.. except that it was using coolant very quickly. I take it to quick lanes and tell them it was using, they did nothing about it (not their problem honestly, dont blame them at...
  3. Cylinder head removal, leaving turbo in car?

    Focus RS Guides
    Anyone every removed the cylinder head and left the turbo installed in vehicle by removing the turbo inlet flange studs? i'll be replacing the HG this next week. would like to avoid removing the PTU if possible. Thanks in advance! ****DISCLAIMER**** - warranty is not a concern, car is...
  4. Got rear ended. Need some advice.

    Focus RS Australia
    So I got rear ended last Thursday 20/07 around 4:05 pm. I was driving home from Kwinana Freeway. The traffic was quite heavy with bumper to bumper traffic. The traffic went to a snail's pace to around 10 km/h when I was suddenly hit from behind. My rear bumper, diffuser, and fog light were...