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    So lately I've noticed than when I open and close my hatch there is something loose in it that rolls from bottom to top when opening and then top down. Not real sure what it is and not sure on where to open or get into the hatch itself. I have the clear what looks like plugs on pass and driver...
  2. Sold Sold Sold
    Hey guys! I'm selling a Versus Engineering Rear Diffuser. I love the look of it, but unfortunately at the time of purchase, I did not know that it wouldn't fit with my AWE Touring exhaust. There are some bolt marks on the brackets when installation was attempted, but after realizing it...
  3. Focus RS Australia
    So I got rear ended last Thursday 20/07 around 4:05 pm. I was driving home from Kwinana Freeway. The traffic was quite heavy with bumper to bumper traffic. The traffic went to a snail's pace to around 10 km/h when I was suddenly hit from behind. My rear bumper, diffuser, and fog light were...
1-3 of 3 Results