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  1. Focus RS Events
    Hey guys! I am hosting a Track event at Streets of Willow on February 16th, 2019, 8AM - 5PM! My goal is to get as many focus & fiesta guys to come by and track together! We are capping the event, so it will have small group sizes. Price: $200 per vehicle & passengers will be allowed...
  2. Midwest RS Owners
    Hi all, Just wanted to get more information about local race tracks that are open to the public. I really want to push my RS to see what the limits are. The only track I am familiar with is Waterford: Waterford Hills Road Racing They only have a few dates open - I cannot make August 28...
  3. Focus RS Performance
    *Future Sticky* Who is going to be the first to take their car to the strip??? I am really expecting (hoping) to see 12.7s out of this car especially with the better tires. TOP 10 BONE Stock (No modifications, either set of original tires) 1. 13,150 @ 105,66 ~BuZy 2. 13.21 @ 103.7 ~mcmathew...
1-3 of 3 Results