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  1. Focus RS Purchasing
    hey guys, so i’m really wanting a focus RS for all the right reasons and are wondering how the clutch feels? like is it heavy or is it light and easy to drive. i live in seattle so i experience a bunch of traffic and i broke my leg a few years ago so i was wondering on what it’s gonna feel like...
  2. Focus RS Discussions
    I posted a bit about this elsewhere. I decided to create my own thread to more appropriately seek out advice. I'll do a bit of cut/paste to save time. I waited over 6 months, let my dealership sit on a deposit, and this sorry pile of poor workmanship is what Ford delivered. They should be...
  3. Introductions
    hello everyone, I go by node, I will be buying a Focus RS in the next two months. I currently own a VW JSW TDI and am getting it bought back by VW due to the diesel scandal. I've been interested in the RS as soon as it was revealed in Geneva, I actually went to the auto show and saw it at its...
  4. Focus RS Purchasing
    I'm considering buying an 2017 RS (of course), in Canada... I've got a few questions about parts I want to replace. I'm already looking at the gas pedal spacer, and auto-dimming mirror DIY... but I wanted to know about a few other things. First, the little plastic panel with the sunroof...
  5. Focus RS Purchasing
    @dkirby Now that my car will be built tomorrow what would be a realistic projected delivery date? I still need to deliver my ST cross country and don't want to be stuck without a car for too long. i was planning on taking the trip in early March
  6. Focus RS Purchasing
    Hi everyone - I've been as frustrated as anyone by the ordering process and the slow drip of (often inaccurate) information from the dealers. This forum has been a godsend. I've been trading emails with a former senior colleague in product planning at Ford, and he asked me for information and...
1-7 of 7 Results