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  1. Blue COBB Shift Knob

    Parts Wanted
    Hello! Still in search for that blue Cobb Limited Edition Shift Knob. Will pay $$ plus shipping. Drop a comment or message if you are selling or know of anybody who is! Thanks!
  2. For sale stock parts

    Focus RS Discussions
    Hey Guys, I have some stock parts for local pickup in SoCal. Most are probably not worth mentioning but hey I am just gonna throw them away if I cant get a few bucks. Exhaust, Intercooler ,Intake,PTU Brace, Motor Mount, Wastegate actuator. Let me know if you are interested 562-200-8300
  3. Replacement part questions

    Focus RS Purchasing
    I'm considering buying an 2017 RS (of course), in Canada... I've got a few questions about parts I want to replace. I'm already looking at the gas pedal spacer, and auto-dimming mirror DIY... but I wanted to know about a few other things. First, the little plastic panel with the sunroof...
  4. Totalled 17 RS, worth salvage value of 7 grand to part out?

    Focus RS Discussions
    I recently was hit on my passenger side in my brand new RS. Damage is mainly to passenger doors, rear bumper, side curtain and side seat airbags, and passenger rear wheel, tire, and some mechanical parts behind it. My insurance company deemed a total loss because it is very expensive to fix...
  5. Broken vent window and Vin Number not recognised at Ford parts

    Focus RS Discussions
    Sadly my rear passenger side vent window was broken so that someone could look under the privacy cover in the back. Nothing there so nothing taken. But when I went to Ford Parts to look for the vent window, it did not recognize my vin number. Why did it not recognize my VIN, and yes I did type...