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    All items located in Fort wainwright Alaska NX2 bolt on turbo kit -new in the box 1500$ Turbosmart WGA -New in the box 100$ Deatschwerks 1700cc injectors -new in the box 500$ Cobb AP Used with original packaging (unmarried) 500$ I also have an ETS intercooler pending local buy but...
  2. Sold Sold Sold
    UPDATE: these items are gone now, thanks everyone who was interested Sorry mods, totally forgot about the For Sale rules last time around. Please let me know if there are any issues. Items are OBO, but I believe are pretty cheap compared to wherever else you can find them. Let me know if I'm...
  3. Parts for Sale
    I have a few parts for sale that I no longer need. Located in Miami, FL: Mishimoto Intercooler Piping Both Hot Boost Tube and Charge Pipe: $275 Velossa Tech Big Mouth (Blue): SOLD Gas Peddle Spacer 3/8" thick (No longer in production): SOLD
  4. Parts for Sale
    Here are a few parts I have for sale for the Focus RS SS Tuning flairs, sanded and painted shadow black. I had these on my car for about a month. Due to some issues with the body panels on my RS from prior repairs that had been done I chose to remove the flairs and fix my body panels at some...
  5. Parts for Sale
    Hello, I have a list of parts for the Focus RS that I no longer need...
1-5 of 6 Results