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  1. Focus RS Maintenance
    Thought everyone might like this tool I found for doing an oil change. It's called the Oil Udder Oil Udder | Spill Free Oil Filter Removal Tool It made changing the oil this weekend so easy and clean that I didn't even have to remove my ADF skid plate. Highly recommend checking it out.
  2. Focus RS Maintenance
    So I finally did my spark plugs. Replaced the stocks with SP-550, and all new gaps are roughly 0.028" - I just picked four out of the eight I ordered that had the most consistent gap. Torqued it all to 13Nm, because 12Nm seemed low! ;) Also, whoever torqued them last must have hard arms of a...
  3. Focus RS Maintenance
    So since the materials cost of the oil and filter was pretty close to the price of just getting it done by a dealer, I went with the dealer. On the invoice I see some cryptic thing added called BG MOA. It's an "engine oil supplement" and it's marketed with lines like "In a recent survey...
  4. Focus RS Maintenance
    I have been doing some research trying to find another trans fluid that can be used in our cars. If you check out the amsoil MSDS sheet ([/url]) for their DCT it shows • Ford* WSS-M2C-936-A Now if we go to the motul msds sheet...
  5. Focus RS Discussions
    Hello All, I had the FSA work completed on my RS @ 2k miles. I'm at 4K miles now and my oil change sensor has come on even though it was just changed with the FSA. There seems to be some debate on whether the oil change sensor is an actual sensor or just computed based on driving etc...Should I...
  6. Focus RS Maintenance
    It's that time, time for an oil change. For the longevity of engine power and health, it seems that using an oil that has lower NOACK volatility will reduce the oil vapors going back through the intake and baking on to the intake ports. I kinda remember seeing a comparison of the NOACK...
  7. Focus RS TroubleShooting
    Hello all, I purchased my RS in May and changed the oil at 1,800 and 4,900 km. I've been using the 5W-50 Motocraft oil supplied by my local ford dealer, and do all the work myself. I have the oil analysed for wear metals, contaminants, and it's physical properties. The 1,800 km test came back...
1-7 of 7 Results