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oil leak

  1. Oil Leak please helpšŸ˜­

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    I have a 2016 Focus RS and I recently noticed an oil leak coming from the passenger side. Not sure where itā€™s coming from yet, havenā€™t had time to look. But it seems to only leak if Iā€™m pushing the car just a little. Regular driving it doesnā€™t seem to leak. Please help me or guide me on what to...
  2. my ford dealer WONT work on my RS or ST I'm told I'm 86ed

    Focus RS Discussions
    why would not say ! so i called the sister dealer asked if i'm welcome . yes was the answer . upon arrival at dealer no 2 i told them what just happened they said any ford dealership can 86 you for a bad internal review of their service of your car . WHAT, ARE YOU KIDDING ME , no service...
  3. Post HeadGasket Replacement Issues - POLL

    Focus RS Discussions
    Hi All, After reading, there seems to be a lot of issues after the Head Gasket replacements with oil leak or the new gasket then blowing 6 months down the track. Maybe us banding together to find out numbers will make Ford stand up and take notice of once again wider issues which is how they...