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  1. (SOLD) Ford Focus RS 19" OEM Wheels - Full Set - PERFECT Condition

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    Selling a set of OEM 19" wheels for the Ford Focus RS. $600 NO DAMAGE - ALL WHEELS IN FLAWLESS CONDITION! Includes boxes (in case you want to keep them in storage), and factory Ford center caps. Great for a set of winter tires!! Available for pickup or delivery within an hour of Chicago. PM...
  2. OEM Forged Premium rim - $1900 for each rim - why Ford, why!?

    Focus RS Wheels and Tires
    So I scraped the side of one of my rear rims on a cobble stone curb (that's like 1 grit sandpaper) right where the rim meets the tire about 10" along the diameter of the wheel, such a bummer:( especially when I was cut off by another driver. I go to ford and want to order another rim - $1900...
  3. OEM Focus RS Part Numbers Listing

    Focus RS Maintenance
    Please use this thread to list part numbers you find around for various items related to the 2016-17 Focus. We had a thread similar to this for the 99-04 Mustangs on another site and it really helped. Not sure if maintenance is the best place for this thread so please move as needed. I will...
  4. (SOLD) OEM Forged Wheels

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    So, I ordered the forged wheels and my car is getting on a boat tomorrow according to W2W tracker (finally!!!). I am thinking about moving to an 18" set for DD. Roads in Bay Area are getting more and more beat up. So, I am thinking of selling the OEM forged set. I am located in the Bay...