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    Hello, im currently dealing with WGDC being too high for the amount of boost its pushing. Checked for boost leaks found none the shop it was installed at said that the WGA was blocked off in certain parts and had to be set to atmosphere. The shop thought that was the solution but after reviewing...
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    586-719-6751 Clean MI title. 2017 Shadow Black Focus RS RS2 Package. Mint condition, low miles, zero issues. No CELs or services required. Tires and brakes in great shape. Headgasket recall and all mods completed by Jessica Livernois. ~30,000 miles Fall 2021: Full exterior detailing + ceramic...
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    Check out the video. Like..comment..subscribe! thanks
  4. Focus RS Discussions
    Torque expectations? FBO vs FBO + NX2.
1-4 of 4 Results