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  1. Boomba RMM and Weighted Knob FS

    Parts for Sale
    All prices include shipping. Located in Richmond Virginia. 1. Unanodized Aluminum Rear Motor Mount from Boomba Racing, had on car for about 1k miles. $130 2. White/Blue Weighted Shift Knob from Boomba Racing. $50 Feel free to PM with questions.
  2. FSWERKS Lower Rear Engine Mount

    FSWERKS Lower Rear Engine Mount The FSWERKS CNC machined aluminum engine mount helps put the power to the ground... Instead of being wasted and absorbed through the soft stock engine mount. Wheel hop is also drastically reduced resulting in smoother and quicker launches and gear changes. We...
  3. James Barone Racing Trilogy motor mounts compatibility

    Focus RS Discussions
    Has anyone confirmed if the James Barone Racing Trilogy motor mounts (lower, upper driver and passenger side mounts) for the Focus ST are compatible with the Focus RS? James Barone Racing, Aftermarket Performanceoffers different durometers and even offers a solid lower mount. Excellent motor...