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  1. Ford focus Rs whats next ?

    Focus RS Builds
    Hi i gave a 2016 Ford focus Rs ans i love IT , I already modèles the car and on looking for a New goal whit this car i feel like i am at the end if the road. I did lowering springs Catback Cobb stage 2 Midflaps :') I am at 390hp I would love to Do lapping one Day i was going to Do IT this...
  2. Chopped Muffler and other nonsense / Should I buy?

    Focus RS Purchasing
    Chopped Muffler / stock pic for comparison Focus RS The dealer says they are replacing the muffler, but i am not sure its worth getting if that and other issues are present. As someone who is not planning on modding so i am a bit out of the loop on what to look for in a modded car. It is also...
  3. 2017 Focus RS (RS2 package) in Frozen White

    Hello all! I've looked through these forums when i first got my RS, but I just joined the .org! My name is Reid, I'm a 21 year old mechanical engineering student from California! A few months ago someone hit me in my 2012 WRX hatchback (was mostly built, was bout to drop in a IAG stage 2 block)...
  4. All in One best bang for the buck power mods thread

    Focus RS Discussions
    I'm sure this has been discussed but I just want to get it summed up: what are the basic most bang for your buck power mods on the RS? In Subaru world it was the almighty stage 2, downpipe + tune. What's the equivalent here?
  5. Focus RS Shop reviews

    Focus RS Shop
    Hi everyone. I wanted to kick off a review thread for Ryan. Especially after my recent experience with him. I worked with Ryan on getting the recently released Whiteline Suspension products for the RS. I spoke to him April 25th where he answered all of my questions in a few minutes, made up...
  6. APR Front Splitter and Seibon RS500 Front hood

    Focus RS Appearance
    Hello all! So I am deffinetly more of a cosmetic mod guy with the exception of a catback exhaust. So that itch has already begun and I've been searching for new parts aside from wheels, and it seems like the pickings are quite slim. I recently got off the phone with APR and Seibon and have a...
  7. Rear diff can't take it?

    Focus RS TroubleShooting
    FYI, I got this off the MS3 forum when asking about JBR parts
  8. 3AOW - The build & events

    Focus RS Builds
    Day 40 of the order receiving process is over. Now reset the clocks for any mods that will occur, as well as the events that take place with the new ride. First order of business this morning, the wheel/tire package to get the Cup 2 tires off of daily driving duty. Waiting for backorders: -...
  9. Introduction: NB RS soon to arrive

    Hello everyone, My vin number should be given to me in about a week. Hopefully that means it will arrive shortly. A little background, Im from portland Oregon and this is my first time joining a car forum and I'm stoked to see what I learn on here and to talk to some fellow owners and...