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  1. Focus RS TroubleShooting
    Having a hell of a time coming up with a solution to my random sensor troubles, random misfires and now Internal Control Module Non-Volatile Random Access Memory Error. I have cleaned every sensor with electronics cleaner and lightly sand paper the connectors. Seafoamed the throttle body...
  2. Focus RS TroubleShooting
    Hello everyone! This is my first ever post so please bare with me. So recently my 2017 Focus RS began to misfire for some reason. Purchased the car In May of 2017. The car has just hit over 27k miles and has brand new spark plugs and coils. Im using NGK spark plugs and MSD coils. I've taken the...
  3. Focus RS TroubleShooting
    UPDATE AT BOTTOM: Hi all. I recently had some misfires start occurring more and more over the past few weeks and ended up leaving my car at the dealer for 2 weeks for them to try and figure it out (no CEL). The car would basically breakup at the top end of the RPM range or it would "hiccup" with...
  4. Focus RS TroubleShooting
    Hello there , My brand new 2018 Focus RS. 352 MILES I received two messages on my FordPass today 1-charge system fault 2-malfunction indicator lamp-regulatory The engine system has detected a misfire fault. I can’t switch between modes . Anyone having similar problems?
  5. Focus RS TroubleShooting
    Had a rough evening with the RS yesterday. Curious what your thoughts are on cause. It'll be towed to the dealer today and I'll update with the ultimate findings. 2017 RS2 - stock - untuned - 7,500 miles - headgasket recall service performed March 2018 Made it halfway home on my 12 mile...
  6. Focus RS TroubleShooting
    I have put ~22k miles on 2016 RS. I noticed check engine light is on and I hear cylinder misfiring when I start in the cold mornings. Ford has scheduled for a service next week and they don't think its anything major. I hope they are correct. Has anyone had this issue already? If so, what was...
1-6 of 6 Results