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  1. FS - Michelin Pilot Super Sport OEM Pair - Ready to drift for Cheap!?

    Parts for Sale
    Up for sale are these pair of used Michelin Pilot Super Sport OEM (size 235/35Z R19)with approx 14,000 miles on them. Reason for selling is thanks to Alexandria, VA stellar road system, they developed a bubble in each tire because taxes pay salaries, not road repairs. Am I disgruntled, yup...
  2. FS: 3x Michelin PSS tires (OEM) - 2 used, 1 like new - $325 in SF Bay Area

    Parts for Sale
    Due to a day of hooning around a while back, I wore out my tires unevenly and keep having to change them one at a time. So I decided to replace all 4 (and change model) this time when I hit the cord on one of my tires. The result is that I have the following to sell: - 1x Brand new PSS <500...
  3. (SOLD) OEM Pilot Super Sports (not sport cup) 65 miles

    Sold Sold Sold
    For sale: Like New OEM Pilot Super Sports 235/35 19. Drove on them for a couple of days then promptly switched them out for High performance all season Conti's because I don't have room for a second set of wheels and I DD my RS. Tires have 65 miles on them. How much: $850 OBO Where: NYC...
  4. 4 x Cup 2s for sale!!! "insert look at me type stuff here"

    Focus RS Australia
    Hi guys/gurls Selling spare set of cup 2 tyres, never fitted, not going to be used by me. Still have stickers on them. tyres meant to come with rim upgrade, change of circumstance means they are available looking for $1400 or make an offer on PM kind of want them gone asap as garage not big...
  5. Cost for New Tires - LA CA- Michelin Sport Cup 2 vs Super Sport.

    West / West Coast Owners
    I was curious so I went to my favorite Tire shop, Hanks Tires, Woodland Hills To replace the awesome super sticky sport cup 2 they come with - $ 325 per tire - $1489 for 4 (inc balance etc) out the door. The lesser track Super Sports are $75 a tire less. Both would need to be ordered and are not...
  6. Cup 2 Tread Life?

    Focus RS Wheels and Tires
    Edit: Just realized I ordered the super sports not cup 2. Oops. How many miles are you guys hoping to squeeze out of these bad boys? It's my first time with a true summer tire. Don't know how many miles they usually last with moderate use.
  7. Correct Tire Pressures

    Focus RS Discussions
    I just took delivery of my Frozen White Focus RS (RS2, forged wheels, Super Sport tires, no sunroof, winter wheel/tire package). I was surprised to see the owners manual supplement does not list tire pressures and only says to see the door jam sticker. I was even more surprised to see the...