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  1. Parts for Sale
    Just sold my beautiful late 17 Focus RS for divorce funds :)(() as such I have for sale: Mountune M380 Controller with cable (its a cobb AP but not locked and only have M380 maps on it. M380 base and M380+Exhaust tuning). It works on any way. Great unit. Mountune Box for kit -Mountune Upper...
  2. Focus RS Performance
    Installed a mountune m380 kit on my late '17 focusRS! :) (notes + 25 images) preface: sorry x-post, put it in an images thread by accident lol. 4am+ posting...never good preface2: i have new HG from factory and let the car reach 10,000kms tracking coolant level & all vitals, no issues, before...
  3. Focus RS Photos and Videos
    sorry no posts in a while, flat out with life fitted mountune m380 kit recently! amazing and love it! ---- - better sound (intake, turbo whistle) - i didnt need or use the SSC, no whistle at idle etc, i like all the noises i hear - i didnt remove the sounded deadening under bonnet, as FLIR...
1-3 of 3 Results