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  1. Focus RS Appearance
    The 2016+ Ford Focus RS GrimmSpeed License Plate Relocation Kit For some it's purely aesthetic and for others, it's about function. The GrimmSpeed License Plate Relocation Kit offers users the ability to mount their...
  2. Introductions
    Is anyone going to put any special license plates on their RS? Either special style for your area or a vanity plate?
  3. Focus RS Discussions
    Comment below with ideas for license plates on the RS! I removed my favorite one because, mine. DaFoRS (Da Bears/The Force) CndybRS (CandybaRS) cRSlgt (CooRS Light - lol) noRShr (No RS Here) RMBR-ST (Remember ST ;( ) STTO-RS (ST to RS) RIP-ST (R.I.P. ST ;( ) IMPORT (Gotta leave Ford badges on...
1-3 of 4 Results