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    Hello, After my last sporty Subaru STI 9 and 10, then Renault Megane 3 RS, the bar was high in terms of driving pleasure and efficiency, I'm on the ass so much that FOCUS is addictive and enjoyable, and this noise ... sometimes similar to the SUBARU flat four but I think it is even better ...
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    Hello everyone, My vin number should be given to me in about a week. Hopefully that means it will arrive shortly. A little background, Im from portland Oregon and this is my first time joining a car forum and I'm stoked to see what I learn on here and to talk to some fellow owners and...
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    Just back from putting $1K down on a NB RS2 w/ stock rims and rubber and figured this would be a good source of information. The information that has been shared is absolutely invaluable. Thanks to all of you who have shared thus far!