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  1. Should a new intercooler be making sounds under boost?

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    New intercooler and piping, as well as a wastegate actuator, although I doubt that has anything to do with it. Under high boost, there's a whine, and while I have no problem with the sound itself (it's actually kind of cool), I just wanted to make sure it's an ok sound to have. I don't think...
  2. SOLD Aftermarket part out.

    Parts for Sale
    1. ADF Customs Undertray (Blue) - BNIB ---- SOLD Never installed just opened and looked at contents. Never had a chance to get this on the car. 2. ETS Intercooler (Blue) - Used ------ SOLD Fins all look good. 3. ETS IC piping (Wrinkle Black) - Used ------ SOLD 4. ETS Downpipe - Used...
  3. Steamspeed focus rs intercooler upgrade: Final design approved!

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    We are excited to announce our final revision to our Focus RS intercooler! We’ve gone through three design revisions and this is the perfect design. Mounting & Fitment Improvements The first prototype core design showed huge efficiency gains vs the OEM unit; however, we saw room for...
  4. Why There's a Plate on the Intercooler

    Focus RS Performance
    I was talking about my modifications with a tech at my Ford dealership today. He told me I should take the plate off my intercooler. He said the factory put that plate on their because the intercooler worked too well with the stock setup. The air going to the intake would be so cold in...