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  1. Focus RS Builds
    Hi i gave a 2016 Ford focus Rs ans i love IT , I already modèles the car and on looking for a New goal whit this car i feel like i am at the end if the road. I did lowering springs Catback Cobb stage 2 Midflaps :') I am at 390hp I would love to Do lapping one Day i was going to Do IT this...
  2. Focus RS Appearance
    Hey guys, just found this forum recently and now I think i’ll Be spending a lot of time here! Anyways, does anyone have any good ideas for wraps and/or what they might cost? I live in Dallas-Fort Worth so anyone from there might have a little more accurate information, but hey anything helps...
  3. Focus RS Accessories
    Hello! I'm new here and I registered just to share an idea I've got for a custom-made ball compass shift knob for an RS in my near future. Turns out it wasn't as original of an idea as I had once thought. After some searching, I found a thread on a Tacoma forum...
  4. Focus RS Purchasing
    @dkirby Now that my car will be built tomorrow what would be a realistic projected delivery date? I still need to deliver my ST cross country and don't want to be stuck without a car for too long. i was planning on taking the trip in early March
1-4 of 4 Results