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  1. Focus RS Brakes
    Hello! I am not a mechanic but I thought changing my own pads and rotors wouldn’t be so bad in the garage. I’ve done it before on trucks and it was never too bad. Anyways, I started with the rears, got the caliper and hanger off pretty easy on the passenger side but the spring on the driver side...
  2. Focus RS Discussions
    Alright so hear me out. A 5 cylinder swap into the RS. Catch is it’s not the 5 pot from the old RS, but the 2.5 TFSI from the Audi RS3/TT RS. Will it fit? Sure it will. The Audi 2.5 block is somehow shorter (or not as wide I guess if you’re looking at it as mounted in the car) than the 2.3...
1-2 of 2 Results