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  1. RS Blue Seat belts? (PLZ help)

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    Hi guys! New gal here. Joined for the sole purpose: to (hopefully) get some help from the experts. As some background, my boyfriend has a 2017 Stealth Gray RS. (yes, I'll include pics) Its modded as s**t. (Turbo. Cams. Brand new built motor. Volk wheels. Various other things I'm sure my only...
  2. Help me pick my birthday part!!!

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    Wife told me to pick myself out something pretty (for the RS) for my birthday, but I can't decide what I want. Somewhere in the $250ish ballpark is what she feels I'm worth. What I have: Cobb AP ETS fmic ETS charge pipes Tune+ spec IWG NGK Plugs Redline hood struts AEM filter What I'm...