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  1. Focus RS Discussions
    I have always wanted a FocRS, and a Ford Raptor 6.2. Had the 6.2 and traded it in for a FocRS 2 weeks ago. This is how my story is going so far. Buying the RS Needed something with better MPG. 10mpg was not cutting it for the Raptor. Needed a 4-door and something that I would enjoy...
  2. Focus RS Discussions
    I am planning to buy a used 2016 focus RS. It looks clean and has done only 8000 miles. Current owner is not the first owner and is not sure if the previous owner did the head gasket recall. The local ford dealer don't have the history as the vehicle was imported here from the US. VIN says it...
  3. Focus RS Purchasing
    Hi all. Bought a nitrous blue Focus RS MK3 and had a look under the bonnet. Does this look okay to you regarding the headgasket?
  4. Focus RS Maintenance
    Hello all, I’m taking the heads of my car and replacing a few things. This is the first time I’m doing this. I’ll be doing it with my neighbor who’s been a mechanic for his whole life. I was wondering if anyone has instructions on how to do the timing procedure? I’ll be buying a timing tool...
1-4 of 4 Results