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  1. Head Gasket Quality Control Project

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    Going to do a school project regarding Quality Control & the RS HG recall. Does anyone happen to have any numerical data regarding the subject they think would be useful? Ex: # of cars affected, number of recalls fulfilled, etc. Thanks in advance!
  2. Piston rod fun and a question.

    Focus RS Discussions
    Quick update on my RS' history: bought used @ 8K miles, already had the new HG installed Threw cyl 3 misfires about a few months in, had a cracked head, replaced under warranty. Threw Cat codes about a couple months later, had cat replaced. Drove great for about a year, then had this issue about...
  3. Cylinder head removal, leaving turbo in car?

    Focus RS Guides
    Anyone every removed the cylinder head and left the turbo installed in vehicle by removing the turbo inlet flange studs? i'll be replacing the HG this next week. would like to avoid removing the PTU if possible. Thanks in advance! ****DISCLAIMER**** - warranty is not a concern, car is...
  4. Post HeadGasket Replacement Issues - POLL

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    Hi All, After reading, there seems to be a lot of issues after the Head Gasket replacements with oil leak or the new gasket then blowing 6 months down the track. Maybe us banding together to find out numbers will make Ford stand up and take notice of once again wider issues which is how they...
  5. Oil Consumption- Not HG related

    Focus RS TroubleShooting
    Hey All I purchased my Nov 17 FoRS from Coffey Ford in Melbourne as a pre-owned vehicle with +-2600km on the odometer. I was given every reassurance that this vehicle was not effected by the widely known head-gasket issues that plagued these vehicles in the early manufacturing runs and after...
  6. Head Gasket Recall Gone Wrong

    Focus RS Maintenance
    To all RS owners out there, I thought I'd take the time to share my experience to hopefully save you from the same fate when bringing in your beloved RS for it's head gasket recall. First and foremost all of my work was done at Romano Ford in Syracuse, NY and I can't stress this enough, STAY AS...
  7. HG replacement in Ottawa

    Focus RS Canada
    I have a 2017 RS, and I am finally getting around to dealing with the head gasket recall. Any recommendations on dealers to perform this work (or more importantly any to avoid) ? I bought my car from Campbell Ford on Carling. I was very happy with my purchase experience but I have no insight...
  8. HG Recall right into multiple P050A issues and possibly a lemon law

    Focus RS TroubleShooting
    Hi everyone. I was hoping that my first post would be me introducing myself and my awesome 2017 FW Focus RS but instead life threw me a (possible) lemon! So let me explain. Back in February I brought my RS in for the HG recall. After 32 days I got my car back. After 3 days of driving the car...
  9. Class Action Lawsuit

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    I'm not suggesting any legal action at this moment. I'm just simply asking a question so don't flame me. Since we all know by now that the whole HG issue is widespread, is anyone thinking that this could lead to a class action lawsuit if things are not fixed by Ford? Just thinking out loud...
  10. Follow my RS Head Gasket Repair - ! Facebook. NOT a sales page.

    West / West Coast Owners
    I'll update all progress.
  11. Global Windows Void Warranty?

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    Hey guys, '17 RS owner here. I recently downloaded forscan and wrote the global windows mod to the body control module. Anyone have insight as to whether this could lead to potential power train warranty denial if my head gasket let go? I called my local dealer and they said that they can see...