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  1. High Fuel% in Oil Sample

    Focus RS TroubleShooting
    Hello all, I purchased my RS in May and changed the oil at 1,800 and 4,900 km. I've been using the 5W-50 Motocraft oil supplied by my local ford dealer, and do all the work myself. I have the oil analysed for wear metals, contaminants, and it's physical properties. The 1,800 km test came back...
  2. What Fuel Brand and grade will you be using in your FoRS?

    Focus RS Discussions
    Hey guys, I think this is probably the best place for this post? Anyway, does anyone have any educated opinions or insight on what brand fuel is good and what to avoid? I have a lot of Sunoco stations where I live, and I travel the PA turnpike out to western PA and Sunoco is the brand...