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  1. Focus RS TroubleShooting
    Need some help with accessing the BDYCM (Main) with Forscan. Every time I try entering into the module, it would say that it needs to download a secondary boot loader - but it always fail to download, and reboots the electrical system afterwards. I've searched a few threads on the Forscan forum...
  2. Focus RS Maintenance
    At idle I can feel and hear a misfire. It is usually more prevalent on startup, but its still there during regular running too. I can see the misfire counter on my cob, but I can't see any breakout by cylinder. Mode $6 on forscan gives a readout, but the number doesn't seem to match with the...
  3. Misc for Sale
    A. Item for sale: OHP ELMconfig ELM327 FORScan OBD2 Adapter USB Scanner B. Condition: Barely used, excellent condition in original package C. Price: $20 – Includes free shipping to North America D. Location of item: Greenwich, CT
  4. Focus RS Discussions
    Hey guys, it's been a while since I've posted, but this'll be worth it! ;) So I went to my local dealer today and had the third recall/tsb done and I spoke to the tech and asked if they'd enable global windows open/close and of course he said he could but he'd have to charge me. Being in...
1-4 of 4 Results