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  1. Cars For Sale
    I feel it is time to let my 2017 NB RS go, my life is not currently compatible with using it as I would like to (hence low mileage) and I hate to see it gradually start to fade while I don't have the storage that it deserves. 2017 Focus RS in Nitrous Blue - currently 7650 miles head gasket...
  2. Parts for Sale
    I have sold the RS. 🥲 Did not part out much because I didn’t have the time unfortunately. Will be posting an OEM catted DP soon. FOR SALE: 1. COBB Accessport v3 (UNMARRIED). Has some light scratches on the screen, but other than that it works just like new. Comes w/ grey cover, USB cord & 2...
  3. Sold Sold Sold
    Hey everyone, I'm looking to sell my winter wheel and tire set-up. I recently made the hard choice to sell the RS, because I moved and need something more suited for my 80 mile commute. Below is a summary of the package. Everything only has two seasons (total 10 months) on them. Everything is...
1-3 of 3 Results