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  1. (SOLD) (WI) OEM Premium Forged 19" Wheels with New Pilot Super Sports.

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    SOLD! Looking to sell the original wheels from my 2018. Tires can't have more than 300 miles on them, no tracking or serious abuse. Wheels are perfect, no curb rash or rock chips. I am located in southern Wisconsin, prefer pickup and willing to potentially drive a bit to meet you half way...
  2. (SOLD) OEM Forged Wheels

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    So, I ordered the forged wheels and my car is getting on a boat tomorrow according to W2W tracker (finally!!!). I am thinking about moving to an 18" set for DD. Roads in Bay Area are getting more and more beat up. So, I am thinking of selling the OEM forged set. I am located in the Bay...
  3. Wheel weight, major difference?

    Focus RS Wheels and Tires
    So I am aware, to a degree, that a light wheel is usually the best options. Now what about for everyday use? I do plan on tracking my car once and a while, but 99% of time it's to and from work. Maybe some 1/4 mile stuff also. Any case, would it be a noticeable difference between the...