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    Does anyone know if Ford offers any tunes or chip tunes? The guy I bought my RS from said that he was considering having a ford dealership install some sort of chip tune before he sold it to me. I did some research on that, but I cannot seem to find anything. The reason I am asking is because I...
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    I'm sure this has been discussed but I just want to get it summed up: what are the basic most bang for your buck power mods on the RS? In Subaru world it was the almighty stage 2, downpipe + tune. What's the equivalent here?
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    So my car has been up at the dealer for the last 3 weeks, waiting on the rear PTU seal. Originally it went in for a clutch replacement, under warranty of course, and during the job they obviously needed to replace the seal. Apparently there's a global back-order and they won't have any in for...
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    We are excited to announce our final revision to our Focus RS intercooler! We’ve gone through three design revisions and this is the perfect design. Mounting & Fitment Improvements The first prototype core design showed huge efficiency gains vs the OEM unit; however, we saw room for...
    TRIPLE R COMPOSITES FRONT SPLITTER - FORD FOCUS RS 2016 Transform the appearance of your car with the Triple R Composites lower front lip spoiler for the 2016 Ford Focus RS. These are made of fiberglass and come in a black finish. Hardware is included. Installation consists of drilling...
    Next, Focus RS ... stay tuned Focus RS at the Ford booth FSWERKS Focus RS FSWERKS Focus RS at home next to Focus ST #stanceworks #hrsprings #FSWERKS
1-8 of 16 Results