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  1. Midwest RS Owners
    Hey everyone. I know there are other RS fakebook groups but I started A FB group called Ford MidWest All STaRS specifically for midwest owners and morespecifically for us chicagoland owners to chat and post and organize meetups cheesy name I know but I was hoping to find (mainly) RS Owners to...
  2. Focus RS Purchasing
    Ford Focus rs Low mileage White or grey Proffered sunroof but if not okay No dents or scratches
  3. Focus RS Accessories
    Take advantage of labor day sale and get 10% off your whole order! Some exclusions are applied, if you run into one of those exclusions, let us know and we will see what we can do for you guys! Hope everyone has a great and safe Labor Day Weekend! Save 10% off most items with using coupon code...
1-3 of 17 Results