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  1. Focus RS Accessories
    Hey Guys, we are offering these sweet hood lift kits for the Ford Focus RS. Ford opted for a standard hood rod that just gets in the way and is a pain to use. This Lift Kit eliminates the use of the existing prop rod and allows you to have room to work under the hood and gives it a cleaner look...
  2. Focus RS Appearance
    Hey Folks, hope all is well. For those interested; take a look at these Carbon fiber fog Light Bezel Covers that we offer on our site: check them out here: Use...
  3. Focus RS Photos and Videos
    I made a video.....was bored and had the footage on my GoPro from earlier today..... Focus RS Launch Control + 1st Gear Pull
  4. Focus RS Detailing
    I'm sure as many other RS customers have experienced, it was a long time coming for my customers vehicle to arrive. Almost 365 days after the order was placed it was ready for pick up from the dealership. The vehicle made the trip from almost two hours away to be prepped and coated with only the...
21-24 of 32 Results